下河 summertime

Project started in 2016. Guizhou Province, China.

晚风 to be an evening breeze

The project started  in 2018

after the divorce

My parents divorced when I was in high school, it has been 14 years. Between the end of 2014 and the fall of 2015, I gave  an automatic film camera to both of them, so that they could  shoot what they wanted to shoot. The reason why I did that was because I was working in other city at the time, and the geographical separation made me ignorant of their living conditions.  I am hates phone calls, I did it to strengthen my contact with them, and to see if there is  have something letf  after the divorce.

The following is the part taken by my dad

He took a lot of photos for his wife

There are also many selfies of him

looked up and saw the electric light bulb

A woman slicing watermelon on the ground

Wind chimes and keychain with his own photo

Flowers outside the car window

White dog on a leash

Fish held in hands

During that time, he learned to drive. Many photos were taken in the car. This is a selfie taken at the intersection while waiting for a red light.

Photo of him at work, woman shooting

His colleagues, they have known each other for more than 30 years

hangout with friends

Hearty meals

TV screen of the National Day parade

Bullet shell

Clock hanging on the wall

Newly built park, this park is downstairs from my mother's house. He and his current wife stepped into the range of activities my mother might appear in

Taking photos of his wife in the corridor in the park

Family gathering

Tug of war

The following is the part taken by my mum

Seascape paintings on the wall

I took my mother to watch sea during the Spring Festival that year, and she took this sea view

A pair of birds in a cage

The divorce dealt a great blow to my mother. She said that Christianity saved her from the brink of life and death

My mother doesn't have a job. After the divorce, her livelihood depends on this cradle for her children. Therefore, many children appeared in her photos

In order to increase her survival skills, my mother participated in a chef training class in the neighborhood school. As far as the current results are concerned, this training class is not very helpful to her, and the endless dark dishes are my Nightmare

She likes red flowers

I bought a red carnation for her on Mother's Day, although she hadn't seen it once

Little yellow dog on a leash

In the park, my dad also took photos in the same location

The photos my mother took of others in the park corridor are in the same location as my dad

She also filmed the TV broadcast of the National Day military parade

The colorful bubbles taken by my mother. The man smoking at the bottom of this photo is her husband. In most of her shooting, the man appeared in this inadvertent corner almost only. They also divorced in 2021. My mother went through a divorce again, but she was much calmer this time

 when i was sick


A letter from my mother. To the effect that she wants me to have a baby and very angry with my dad until today.

The following is the part I took during that time

On the road, the dog and cat confronted each other. In a tense situation, the dog's eyes were bleeding, but it was not sure whether it was injured by the cat

A family of three met on the road

Smoking iron stove

Encountered a truck accident on the side of the road

The broken plastic bag carried by women who crossed the road , and the contents were scattered in the middle of the road. No one helped her

At that time, I had just started working, and I was working alone in a remote country. This is the scene looking out of my office on a snowy day

My mother came to visit me where I worked, but because there was only one bed, she insisted on laying the floor by herself in order to let me sleep. There was no electric blanket in winter, so she wrapped herself tightly with a quilt

I looked up at night and saw a white dog peeping at me

Close-up of eyes

I with mum had a seatravel, she got up very early in the hotel and ran to the window to see the sea before she had put on her pants

Teach her to load the film

She is making creations by the sea

The journey was too tiring. In the restaurant of airport, she lay tiredly on the table to rest

I showed my self-made photo album to my dad, and got the ultimate question: How much money can this make?

At that time, my dad became obsessed with hand-raising parrots and was showing me how to reclaim his parrot

Take a close-up shot of my dad’s creative gesture

My dad wears 3d glasses

My mother was hospitalized because of a cerebral infarction. This was when she was taking oxygen in the hospital.

    These photos ended after my parents got tired of taking pictures. I was so excited because the same elements appeared in their photos. It seemed to represent that there were still something left in the family. But when I calmed down, I thought about these. The same intersection is just a coincidence, it is my wishful projection of warmth.  I think their divorce is not a bad thing. Although this process has brought a lot of pain, the long-term pain is more worse than the short-term pain. Only when you start a new life, you will not continue to struggle in life. After their divorce, father was busy rushing to a new life, mother was busy with pain and tears, no one cares about me at all, leaving me a long blank space, this blank overlap with my adolescence, the lack of parental role makes me Rebellion has not been oppressed by traditional forces. I can do what I want now, and I have to thank them for their freedom and tolerance. On the other hand, I know very little about them. Although we not still a family, my relationship with them will never change, and my feelings for them will always be complicated.